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Thread: do I have to worry about being charged by AT&T while I purchase iPhone for anything..

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    Default do I have to worry about being charged by AT&T while I purchase iPhone for anything..
    Here is the thing. I wanted to buy an iPhone, so I went to Apple store, but they didn't have it (couple of times), and while buying iPhone through Apple web shop's not working, the only choise left was, while I don't want AT&T as my wireless, buying it through AT&T web shop.
    I purchase it, but I'm worried about being pursuaded, or charged by AT&T for something, while I'll not activate it through iTunes. I mean, I don't know for what exatly should I be charged but... still I'm worried. I now have my iPhone being delivered, and I just want to ask if there is anything to worry about. Of course that there (on AT&T web page) is writen that I will be charged after activating through iTunes, and that I can purchase it as a gift, while it would be obvious that I'm not going to be the one who'll activate it, wouldn't it ? My question is simple, can they somehow pursue/charge you while you'll not active it ? Is there anything to worry about, or can I just simply unlock it and use another network ?

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    simple answer is they can not charge you. You bought the iPhone thats one transaction.
    You need to now either activate and get charged by aTT OR unlock and use what ever company you so wish to use. 100's if not 1,000's of us are doing that as I write. and we haven't had any att or o2 or what ever knocking on our door and robbing our accounts because we're using a different sim, contract or company.
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    OK, I was thinking that most people buy unlocked iPhone from eBuy etc, or from apple directly, and while I bought it from AT&T that they already created an account for me and join me to their wireless and basically "count on me".. .
    I was just worried if they have like a serial number and are checking if the iPhone was activated or something (particulary because of these emails they sent to me where they were writing about creating an account, paying bill and welcoming mi to their wireless). But anyway, thanks for reply: I'm going to try it out...

    and by the way, is unlocking iPhone still legal ?

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    Unlocking is not something you will get in trouble about. When you unlock and jailbreak an iphone it just voids the warranty.
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    yep, I know about that. I just thought if it isn't against law to don't purchase that AT&T plan, and if they can do something about it, especially when you purchase iPhone through AT&T web shop

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    I think a lot of people assume that if you buy the iphone directly from Apple, you automatically have a 2 year contract attached to the transaction, but in fact you don't commit to the 2 year contract until you activate it through Itunes.
    So get your phone where ever you want and even if they tried to persuade you to sign on at Apple, you just say "no thanks, the person I'm giving this to can activate it on their own." You get the idea.
    Then when your safe in your home, run iLiberty+ and unlock,jailbreak, and activate and your good to go!

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    When I got my iphone, I just walked in, told them i was buying it as a gift for my Girlfriend, who WAS with me(and she played along great might I add ), and i just walked out and unlocked it for myself. No fees.
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    If you don't have a sim card in the iphone don't think AT&T can charge you for anything. Of course you need to jailbreak/activate in order to use wireless.

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