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Thread: Weird scenario question..

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    Default Weird scenario question..
    Looked into this myself but couldn't get a definite answer. I recently sold my prior iPhone & switched the IMEI to show an unkown device on my account. I have been using a Samsung blackjack 2 & today I bought another iPhone. I have the iphone working under another line & want to use it back on my personal line. Here's the ticker.

    If I unlock the phone, can I keep the MEdia $15 plan w/out at&t switching it over and removing my discount? Currently they haven't recognized my blackjack 2 which I should have a $30 feature on. Anyone experience a similar situation?

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    If you don't do a legit activation you will be able to keep what ever plan you previously had on that SIM card. Just steer clear from customer support because they'll get quite inquisitive when IMEI numbers don't match those they officially sanction for their specific data plans.
    I still have one of my other iPhones with MediaNet rather than the traditional iPhone Data so you should be able to choose what ever plan is best for you, as long as you do it prior to switching your SIM cards.

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    They cant switch your plan unless you give them permission. I use my 20$ medianet plan on my iPhone and they told me I need to switch it and I said I wouldn't and there is nothing they can do without your consent.

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    Default No Service
    I jail broke my phone through ziphone and i was enjoying the things i could do with my new jailbroken phone, but then i began expiriencing problems. My phone kept losing service and i would get a "No servive" where the AT&T is saposed to be. I was sometimes able to get the bars back when i would restart my phone. I thought the problem was the ziphone so i restored my phone back to normal and the problem did not stop. The next thing i did was go to AT&T and had a new sim card put in. I re activated the phone and i had full bars with no droped calls and no problems sending a sms. This lasted for about 2 hours and now i am back to no service and i dont know what to do can anyone help

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    People you all are correct..... and nobody cares what phone you are using and what plan you are in. Stuff like this only matters when like superstar24 said he is getting no bars. and stuff like that .... So enjoy your plan and features till it stops to work completely... btw Iphone data, PDA plans, Black Berry plan and Medianet are the same but with slight difference in the enjoy...

    one more thing if you want to keep you discount... make a non-iphone number as a main number... you will not loss your discount....
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