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Thread: Which AT&T option to have unlimited data ?

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    Arrow Which AT&T option to have unlimited data ?

    Currently, I have an AT&T plan named
    MEdia(TM) Basic - 400 Messages & 1MB MEdia(TM) Net

    Does it mean I can use EDGE on my iPhone with a limitation of 1 MB of data per month ?

    If yes, which option do I have to subscribe if I want unlimited EDGE datas ?

    The service named "MEdia(TM) Max 200 Bundle" is 19.99 a month and it says :
    UNLIMITED: Cellular Video & MEdia™ Net.

    Does it mean it's unlimited EDGE ?

    Or do I have to subscribe a Smartphone plan, for example :
    SmartPhone Connect Unlimited w/Xpress Mail 19.99 a month

    Thanks for your help,

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    Cool ummm...
    The iPhone has a certain data plan that you setup when you activate it on iTunes...
    all include unlimited data, you just have to make a choice between the number of texts you want...

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    The iPhone has its own plan.. go to ur local att store and ask about it

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    the iPhone plan is the SAME plan as the MEdia Max 200. They are both 19.99, and both offer 200 SMS + Unlimited Data. Be careful, if you tether, do only LIGHT browsing. They have monitoring s/w that can detect if you are using too much bandwidth. And allegedly, they can tell by the UserAgent code sent in. Which, is another reason to use FF w/ the UserAgent Addon (allows one to pick their UserAgent code).

    That being said, why not just go into an AT&T store and be like: "I need the iPhone data plan". They'll add it on for you.

    Edit: LOL gotta love it.

    Check out the iPhone User Agent [email protected] Guide
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