Dear fans of Na'Vi team, we are glad to present this small and simply app, about Natus Vincere organisation. I'm personally a big fun of this team and I made this app just for myself, for fun. It's completely free, and never will contains Ad.

Convenient schedule of all Na'Vi matches. Date will automatically adjusted by your device's time zone. In match view, you immediately can open view match stream (twitch or daily motion), or navigate to article about this tournament.

*Notifications when match started
App can send you a notification when match started

* News and Blogs
Nicely parsed news and blogs, that beautifully presented specifically for your device. You have ability to change text font, colour, background, etc.

*Teams achievements and lineups
You can view all lineups of Na'Vi teams (CS, CS-GO, Dota 2, WoT), and view they results in all tournaments.

*iPhone & iPad supported
*Optimised for iOS 8 and iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus

This build is minimal and basic. If app will popular, we will add all missed featured and improvement. You can send your response and suggestions at [email protected]

*Please Note
This app don't create or own any data, it just analyse and conveniently present data from official Natus Vincere web site (