Hi all!

I heard some talk about Zimly at the gym and had to see what it's all about. The app is a home media cloud that allows you to watch your videos on your mobile or big screen without a set-up or data center.

The feature of the app that was real pleasing to me is how you can use Chromecast to stream music and videos onto your big screen TV. Besides this, you can also use Zimly to transfer media files from your PC to your mobile in no time, thanks to its auto-conversion feature that converts almost all types of files (AVI, MKV, FLV, TS, ASF, MP4, MOV etc.). Zimly has lyrics of 2.5 million songs in its database which helps me when I sing my favorite songs. The app displays subtitles in SMI and SRT formats that help me with videos as well.


I love Zimly! You should probably give it a try.