Hi all,

Selfie Wars has been a blast! Luke, my son of 7, and I have taken a liking to it so much that it has become a daily routine before dinner. Selfie Beats and Selfie Giraffe, two gaming options in the app, are his favorites. Of course, I love them all; he's just too young to realize how good the other features are.

To tell you a bit about the app, it's simple and easy to use. Just take a click of yourself and choose from the gaming features to post your challenge to your contender, who has to complete it to view the selfie. The app has 4 gaming features that you get introduced to as you play.

Luke just loves it when I post his selfies on Facebook. We get a lot of likes and comments that we read before going to bed. It has created more mommy and Luke time.

Thank You Selfie Wars!

Try playing Selfie Wars with your kids too and have a blast while you are at it!

Download it now from App Store.