Toy rush is a mobile presence of Monday Night Combat series on App Store. Tower Offense + Tower Defense + Cards = Toy Rush
Players design and build clubhouse bases and defend them from an army of beasts, robots, and plush toys. Players collect attack cards to use against enemies, coupled with unique defense systems such as rubber band guns, gumball launchers, and ray guns. You can also go on the offensive and launch attacks on bases, with asynchronous multiplayer,which allows you to attack your friends and steal resources from them. You can gather to form clubs, where they can chat, help out one another, and even earn specialized units and abilities.
You can follow along with this progress at the Toy Rush blog, or on the Toy Rush Facebook page. Given the adorable art style and the novel approach to combining tower defense and card battling, I'm more than a little excited to get my hands on Toy Rush myself. From Toy Rush Review