Gameloft has brings us a new idea of game again on App store. There're not much medieval sport simulators like Rival Knights. In this game,every player begins with a lowly knight to fight in every request in order to earn riches and status.
After the combat beginning,player can feel the nervous atmosphere. You have to wait for perfect start while counting down. It will affect your score if it's too early or too late. The player can spur on the horse to increase speed when the needle stops at the green location. In this way the speed can be accelerated to the maximum. But it's not easy to increase speed to the maximum all the time.
The player is required to take aim at your opponent and knock him from his horse. Sometimes it's difficult to target enemy on the horse. It's unknown if you lose or win this combat until the last minute the game will show you. Victories are determined by attack,defense,speed as well as decided by equipment level. You will obtain special equipment and gold if you win the combat. After that you can challenge the next combat. In different combat,player will be faced with different enemy of different level. The higher the level is,the more difficult it's to target enemy. Maybe you will feel that good timing and skill is not enough to help you. This makes you to earn more gold or gems in order to upgrade kit.Or you can purchase in App.

The tension of the final stage brings players a lot of fun. You can enjoy the experience of being a knight in medieval age. From Rival Knights Review | Games Friend | Help you to find favorite games