I have an app that I decided to make free for the weekend. It is called i Miss Mommy and available on the iPhone. The app lets you import videos that someone messages you, or record yourself in app. The idea is that you store videos where a parent pretends they are on FaceTime with a child. Then, when the child is babysat or staying with grandparents and get homesick, you can use the app and it will simulate a FaceTime call by playing the previously mentioned video, while the front camera puts its image in the corner. You can also record on the front camera while it goes on, so that later on the parent can see the child's reaction. I am pretty happy with the app's features, but it has been out a couple years with few downloads. Hoping a big push here will help out. Thanks! https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/i-mi...7292?ls=1&mt=8