Evilibrium, a mobile-first RPG developed specially for pleasure of everyday mobile users, is easily accessible anytime, anywhere and plays as a mix of RPG and collectable games.

You are invited to take part in an epic campaign exploring dangerous dungeons, developing party members, collecting artifacts, and fighting in dynamic battles. The game story is set in the world of Mystland, which has been recently invaded by the forces of Chaos consuming minds of the world’s inhabitants. Along the way of the story line, you will battle with both forces of Chaos and other players.

• Plays seamlessly both online & offline
• Features an original adventure mode
• Cutting edge parallax design and art

• Up to 10 heroes on the battlefield
• Tactical battle phase & combo abilities
• PvP leagues & tournaments

• A wide range of tactics and party combinations
• Innovative character upgrade system
• Unique abilities for most characters

• 31 story adventures with its own history, inhabitants and rewards
• Super bosses and special events
• Inifnite replayability

• First Special event to launch on October 9
• PvP Elimination Tournaments
• Zone contest & rewards
• Multilevel dungeons

Adventure Mode and Character Display

A typical hero when viewed from different angles:

Evilibrium is available in English and Spanish for free through the following link:

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