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Thread: Zoomdeck for iOS (Free): Snap moments and not just photos!

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    Default Zoomdeck for iOS (Free): Snap moments and not just photos!
    Zoomdeck : Make your photos talk!

    Every photo has different interesting stories and elements in them. Yet, how many of them are we able to discover? Haven't we always had questions when we came across a photo - What furniture is this? Who is that person? What top is she wearing? How much does it cost, where can I buy one? or haven't we always wanted to capture our memories ans stories in photos? Or haven't we always wanted to share our memories, stories and experiences in a photo?

    Zoomdeck lets you "spot" interesting stories and elements inside photos - add notes, audio, video, places, people, links or anything that's relevant (or simply fun!). Spots are rich, interactive, smart and unobtrusive - so others can easily discover and engage with the photo in ways we could never imagine before. What's more, the conversations on Zoomdeck are based on each "spot" - so they are always contextual. More context equals better engagement.

    Can you imagine a web without any hyperlinks!? No, because the web wouldn't be what it is and yet there used to be such a time. Photos are currently close to that - they are beautiful, colorful and yet a huge black box since we cannot interact with anything inside it. This is what we want to change and open up a whole new paradigm around it. We hope to redefine the way people consume and interact with photos, to enable a far better experience than what we are used to.

    Feature Highlight:

    • Spot stories, memories, notes, products, places, people or any element they find interesting in a photo.

    • Link spots to video, audio, photo, products, facebook & twitter profiles, maps, wikis or anything relevant.

    • Search like never before - lookup anything inside a photo be it an Armani watch or a Zara trouser.

    • Preview and buy products spotted on photos - from Amazon or Etsy.

    • Watch YouTube videos, Listen to audio, Discover people - all within a photo.

    • Have engaging, contextual conversations around each spot.

    iTunes Link :

    Website Link : Zoomdeck

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    Default Snap moments and not just photos!
    Quote from ( John Brandon) under week in tech :
    "I like this new photo identification app as proof that there are still bright ideas out there. The app lets you mark an area of a photo and then let other users help you figure out what it is. You can also link these “spots” with wikis, maps, and other background info."

    On NextBigWhat :
    "Looking to do what hyperlinks did to the web, Zoomdeck is an interesting take on increasing interactivity and engagement on images!"


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    Default Spot products inside photos
    With Zoomdeck you can spot any product you like inside photos and link it to products on Amazon, Etsy or any other ecommerce portal. You can even add your affiliate link to the products and stand to earn money from it. Now monetize your static images!


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