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Thread: Joan Mad Run - bloody indie scroll shooter for pixel lovers

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    Thumbs up Joan Mad Run - bloody indie scroll shooter for pixel lovers

    Hi everyone!

    We've got some news on our project Joan Mad Run, so I decided to share.

    At first we planned to make Joan for iOS only. And it's 90% ready, so the mission is almost complete. However, we received quite a number of requests to make the game for other platforms too. And so we decided to make an Android version as well as PC, Mac and Linux. That's why we came to Steam Greenlight and ask for your help. Please read the story, watch the video and if you like what you see, please support us!

    Each vote is precious for us!

    About the game

    Joan Mad Run is a pixel-art gory fight-to-the-death runínígun, that takes your enemies straight to hell. Literally.

    Imagine that you wake up in a ward don't know why you are here, you can't tell who you are...but the only thing you are certain of is that you have to get out to find out the truth. Even if that means destroying everything on your way.

    When there is noone you can trust, you can trust your guns. Luckily, you will have plenty. So you get an amazing chance to satisfy your bloodlust by burning your enemies alive, melting them with acid, chopping them and watching their blood spurt like geyser, striking them with lightning, exploding them, squeezing them like bugs or sending them directly to the blazing inferno.

    Besides weapons you will have mighty power-ups, that will make your struggle much more inspiring. Watch the Ultra Boost and Bloodlust power-ups:

    And of course we shouldn't forget about terrifying bosses:

    Please let us know what you think!
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    Hey guys!

    We created a full avatar map, including all Joan health conditions and power-ups. What do you think?

    And here's the first Joan poster:

    Here's also the first beta gameplay video:

    Please share what you think in the comments below!

    P.S.: our 2nd beta is coming soon, so please stay with us!

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    Great! I will have a try!
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    Quote Originally Posted by zoely View Post
    Great! I will have a try!

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    Hey everyone!

    Here are some weapons for Joan. Hope you'll like them!

    Katana. Cuts enemies into several pieces:

    Shotgun may kill several enemies and explodes them on close shot:

    AK-47 upgraded with grenade launch:

    Laser cuts everything on the path of its ray:

    Extremely evil laser flare passes through all levels, slicing your enemies in 2 parts:

    Freezegun. Freezes enemies and makes them fall apart like glass:

    Freezegun Pump. Freezes not only enemies, but the whole environment, including traps:

    Lightning cannon. Strikes enemies with chain lightning. When upgraded creates a spectacular ball lightning:

    Circular saw kills brutally. When upgraded - strikes with flying discs:

    Mono-molecular wire. Lashes out and slices up your enemies:

    When upgraded - creates a laser net that turns your enemies into minced meat:

    Find more weapons at:happymagenta's Journal

    What do you think? Your thoughts and ideas are really appreciated!
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    is this LIKE METAL SLUG???? it looks a lot like it?

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    Guys, here are some more cruel weapons for Joan!
    Hope you'll like them as much as we do

    Microwave gun. Ignites and incinerates enemies:

    Plasma sword. Deflects bullets and cuts enemies into pieces. After upgrade you can throw it into your enemies, watch their flesh being cut and see the sword come back right into your hand just like a boomerang. Collect crystals and upgrade the sword's color and stats:

    Acid gun. Strikes with acid that melts enemies. When upgraded - spawns headcrabs that spit acid all over the level:

    Imp Gun. Creates black holes that pulls souls and blood out of your enemies and takes them straight into the blazing inferno:

    Satanic. An upgraded version of Imp Gun:

    Resizer. Inflates and explodes enemies:

    Reducer. Makes your enemies small, so that Joan can easily step on and squeeze them:

    Which one would you choose to ounish your enemies?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rjkgr View Post
    is this LIKE METAL SLUG???? it looks a lot like it?
    Well, I wouldn't say that there is that much in common with Metal Slug. Maybe style and pixel graphics. But the games are pretty much different. You should try and you'll see

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    Thumbs up Release date

    This game sounds sweet! When is it going to be released to the public to play cause i cant wait!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bkziegler View Post

    This game sounds sweet! When is it going to be released to the public to play cause i cant wait!
    Thanks a lot!
    We hope to finish it by the end of the year

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    Guys, we've got some news on our project, so I updated the initial post. Please have a look and let us know what you think!

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