Apple Shooting:

Apple Shooting is an excellent shooting game in which you have to shoot the apple placed on your friendís head. Aim cleverly and shoot accurately, donít end up hurting your friend. As you progress in the game, there are more challenges ahead of you and the game gets harder to complete.

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Apple Shooting for iPhone

Apple Shooting 2:

Apple Shooting 2 is one of the popular games of the era. If you're just looking for a game to kill a little time, this might be the game for you. It's short and fairly simple, but the graphics are a lot of fun and the levels will keep you on your toes.

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Apple Shooting 2 for iPhone
Apple Shooting 2 HD for iPad

Apple Shooting Colors:

Make sure you hit the colored apple with the same colored arrow. Be careful how you use your limited supply of arrows, if you misfire, the arrow will be lost forever. The neutral arrow can be used to hit any colored apple.

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Apple Shooting Colors for iPhone
Apple Shooting Colors HD for iPad

Apple Shooting Reloaded:

Gear up for the action-packed game, take aim at the designated target and get your perfect hit. Apple Shooting Reloaded with crisp graphics and engaging gameplay leaves you fascinated throughout the game.

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Apple Shooting Reloaded for iPhone
Apple Shooting Reloaded HD for iPad