Steven here, I'm a long time reader of modmyi but never had the opportunity to write before today.

First, I hope this "announcement" is in the right section and I'm sorry if not, In that case, just tell me if I need to rewrite it somewhere else, I'll do.

Second, I wanted to let readers know that with a few friends, we've launched since this summer a new website dedicated to recently free iPhone and iPad apps. It is called "AppiDay" and can be found at AppiDay.com and AppiDay.co.uk.

AppiDay as you may have figured out stands for : "Happy Day" , free (and sometimes discounted apps) for a good day ;-)

There are some other sites offering that kind of lists, no doubt, but what we try to do is to offer you a hand picked selection of only the best apps, not a list with hundreds of entries. Same for bargains.

There is one post per day since 2 months, EVERY DAY (we never rest ;-)) , one listing recently free iPhone apps and one listing recently free iPad apps.

I will be happy ("Appi" ;-)) if you have a look and share back your feedbacks / improvements etc ...

Wishing you a AppiDay ;-)

AppiDay : free and discounted iPhone and iPad applications