Calculator# - The iPhone Calculator that is proud of its multiplication of features been useful for everybody: from basic calculation users to more advanced students, scientific computation engineers, programmers, etc… possessing a flexible slide keyboard with mathematical expression support offering a great user experience

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Features: Basic Calculation (+, -, x, , %, Abs...), Advanced Calculation (Sin, Cos, Log, ^, √, X!, nPk...), numeric integral, angle, approximate fraction, mathematical displayed as in textbook form, etc…

It is not only a Must-Have for “back to school” app but also a useful tool for your daily life.



New features will be available for update in every one or two months.
Calculator# is expected to be useful for you and completely free forever without Ads. If you like it, please be notified that all of your comments, rating & any feedback are always welcomed.

Kind regards, INCPTMOBIS.