I am very pleased to introduce our new game Salute to me.It is launched just recently on August 19th, we are shocked that the users of App Store have notice this is a good game, and today we ranked 28 in Top Free Apps and 19 in Top Free iphone Games Apps!We need more attention from you!!Please try this free game,and hope you like it!!

App Store url:Salute to Me Lite for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store
APP Name:Salute to Me Lite
App Price:Free

This is a humorous, peculiar, and extremely funny game. As a great president, you are just participating in your country's Military Parade, to review your mighty force and civilized force. A mighty country must own a very strict troop, but you found some soldiers are not following the discipline, some are grinning, talking, or even dozing off.... How can a strict president endure this!! Take out your palm to teach them what is called "Order". Pick up game property to hit those soldiers who are not in right order by tapping the screen. Or throw out a crowed of shoes to hit nearly all soldiers by just tapping it. When levels are ratcheting up, users may tap not-in-order soldiers twice or click animals to award bonus. The further you are, the speed of troops will get faster, more and more soldiers will be.Give them a lesson!

Full Version Features:
- Camera function (user can take his photo as president)
- Simple operation and funny story
- Cute and humorous user interface
- 5 maps and 5 troops

Salute to Me Lite Support

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