I have my iphone firmware 3.1.3 and upgrade it to 4.3.3, jailbroken.

i just backed up my whatsapp thru the ssh, copied all folders and files in the program folder, the document library and everything. After reinstalling the whatsapp just restore the copied files so all history also returned. however i faced a problem with the media pictures and videos, pictures can't be displayed and also can't be saved.

I just deleted the folders in the media folder in the library folder, which has the same no of the sent contact and the problem solved partially, the picture can be saved now to the photo library but can't display the thumbnail. Any solution now. I already tried to reinstall the program.

The other issue that the old files that i have for the youtube, which is saved by yourtube just caopied in the folder can't be displayed in the youtube downloaded files.

The issue the videos can be displayed thru the ifile.

Any solution also here.