Streaming videos to devices from PC or Mac becomes more and more popular now. I have totally tried 2 video streaming apps – Air Playit & Air Video.

Following are their merits & demerits.

1. Streaming various videos to devices.
Both apps are capable of streaming various videos to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. I only tried streaming MKV, MP4 and AVI to iPad. It’s been good on the two apps.

2. Live conversion.
Both apps allow me to watch videos on devices immediately without any waiting. But, Air Playit realizes live conversion smoother than Air Video. Air Video seems requiring more buffering time. I was interrupted 4 times by buffering when live converting X-Men to my iPad 3G 32GB.

3. Supported OS
Both Air Playit and Air Video server support Windows/Mac OS. And the apps can be run on Apple iPhone iPad iPod touch. Hope they’ll both support Android later.

4. Playlist
Air Playit will automatically generate a playlist of my recent played videos and music, and also remember the last play point for each video. That’s a very sweet feature. Air Video doesn’t support this.

5. Built-in HTTP server
Air Playit has an innovation – it has been built in with HTTP server so that users can access media files via any web browser. That’s very attractive. This feature wins.

Welcome to post your reviews of either app.