We are happy to announce that Useful Tips for iPhone 4 is out now!!

AppStore Link: Useful Tips for iPhone 4 on the iTunes App Store

Today, Useful Tips for iPhone 4 has just been updated in AppStore!!


✔ Hundreds of tips that help you do more and be more productive with your iPhone 4
Discover how to:
☛ maximize battery life
☛ better protect your privacy
☛ reduce app crashing
☛ boost internet browsing speed
☛ sweep memory
☛ sync fast
☛ edit video
and WAY MORE to explore!

Just like reading a real book with so many extra features. Flip across Categories at your will.

✔ Full iOS 4 multitasking support
Learned an awesome tip and itching for some experiment? Switch to another app to try it out and switch back when youíve mastered it! Itís that easy!

✔ Save for quick references using Favorites
Decide to check on the tips for later? Save them to Favorite so you can track them in ONE TAP! Save and SHARE with your friends!

✔ Constantly updated with new secrets
We guarantee regular updates with handpicked tips and tricks added each time.

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