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Hi everybody,
Talking Link -Contact George (free app) just released on the AppStore.
This is the 3rd connection type that he have put out there, you can now try it for free for the first time and see if George can be your friend .

Step into his world using this VOICE LINK app as it enables you to talk to him, scream at him or shake his world. Be careful what you say because George repeats and even remembers what you say.

We are also hosting a GIVEAWAY on Facebook George B. Dupp | Facebook
Enter for a chance to win a copy of Contact George - Collectors Edition consisting of:
-1x iPod Touch (holding a limited edition of Contact George)
-1x surprise gift from George himself
-2x signed T-Shirts

Complete schedule:
-May 12th Collectors Edition Sweepstakes begins
-May 13th Talking Link (free) release
-May 14th Contact George and Contact George PRO get updates
-May 15th IsThisReal- special event on Facebook

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