“Face Up! Greetings” iOS application has been eventually launched. The app allows users to send customized and animated greetings to entertain friends and family.

How it works?
• Choose from the numerous backgrounds;
• Add a face from a favorite photo;
• Record a personalized message;
• Deliver the greeting as a picture or video via email, text message;
• Upload to Facebook or YouTube

• 28 creative backgrounds;
• Mouth-animated, verbal and textual greeting;
• The ability to add a face from Facebook, Photo Album or Camera;
• Variety of tools to resize and adjust the face;
• Several voice enhancements optional;
• Send a greeting as a photo or video;
• Share a greeting via email, SMS text, Facebook or YouTube

Using Face Up! Greetings, you automatically take part in a never-before-seen contest to win some fantastic prizes. Create a video with the Face Up! Greetings app and post the video to YouTube. Winners are chosen daily to earn a free chance at one of many prizes. More contest details on how to win are available here: Hot Salsa Interactive Apps |

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