Dealing with graphically rich features of classic website when browsing using mobile phone many times becomes a hassle, especially when you are in urgency to locate the specific information. We did experience the thing when were in the hurry to find out restaurant's opening hours, store, doctor or hospital's phone numbers, address directions, etc.

Fraga Games just launched its web based app to solve the above problems called Jasmingo dot com. Jasmingo is a free web based service that will convert any online sites into simple business card page when browsing using smartphone platform device (iPhone & Android). This type of mobile page enables users to locate only crucial information, such as phone number, email, contact person, opening and closing hours, street address and direction, or any other data they might need to get in quick, without having to deal with graphically design features which might be a hassle in mobile surfing.

How it works:
Online websites using Jasmingo app will detect smartphone (Android and iPhone) users' visit and automatically convert the website display into business card mode. This feature is very useful for those who wish to get company business details instantly. No need to open the whole full graphic page which takes more times to access. Converting to classic website can be done by only single click. Business card mode has been designed like an iPhone app with an option to simply switch the page into classic website version

Jasmingo Features:

-Fast registration
-Easy activation
-Simple steps, no additional software needed
-24 hours access
-Works in any smartphone (iPhone and Android)
-Self help tutorial
-Email guide
-Switch to classic website version in a click