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Thread: Waves: Survivor

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    Default Waves: Survivor

    Waves: Survivor for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

    Help our hero Johnny Calm survive the perils of being lost at sea. Armed with only a paddle and bucket in his trusty rowboat, Johnny must fend off deadly sea creatures and overcome huge waves to make it past each day.

    Not everything is as grim as it seems with mermaids to befriend, deep-sea treasures to collect, big combos to score, and a special power up to extend his life. Stay alert or you'll find Johnny swimming with the fishes!

    - Unique interactive water physics
    - Addictive continuous survival gameplay
    - Leaderboards (Global/Friends/Local)
    - Facebook and Twitter Integration
    - Touch and accelerometer controls
    - Collectible items
    - Man eating sharks
    - Rockin' paddle guitar and much more!

    In less than 3 days of availability, you've helped us:
    - Enter the TOP PAID Action/Arcade charts
    - Featured by Apple in NEW and NOTEWORTHY

    If you want an original and challenging game that isn't a clone of all the other Apps out there, This Is It!

    Stay tuned...

    See the top 25 suvivors in the world at

    Experience this must have game with responsive controls, stunning graphics and dramatic soundtrack on your Apple iPhone® or iPod touch® today!

    Join other fans of Renown Entertainment and help Johnny Calm spread the word!


    CHAT with the development team. We value your feedback, suggestions and comments.

    Gameplay Video
    Click here to view


    Waves: Survivor for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

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    Default Game Review did a review of the game. The source of the review can be found here.

    iPhone Game Review: Waves: Survivor
    Reviewed by ninjackid

    "Row, row, row your boat, panicky down the sea! There's a big shark, there's a big shark, coming after me."

    Ok, so maybe that was a bit cheesy. But you will be rowing your boat frantically to escape from the big man-eating shark that's after you in Waves: Survivor!


    Johnny Calm is stranded, but unlike the people on Lost, he did not end up on an island where you can sleep, take in the scenery, maybe pick a banana or two to eat. No, he's stranded right in the middle of the ocean. And to make things worse, he’s got a huge shark chasing him and other sea creatures that want to get his way, and all he has to defend himself is his paddle. That's where you come in.

    Waves: Survivor is sort of like an endless runner, in which you'll have to keep Johnny alive and paddle further and further away from the shark that’s chasing him, all the while trying to avoid smaller animals and collect coins. A meter at the top of the screen shows how close the shark is and turns red when it's too near.

    Controlling Johnny is simple, with virtual buttons to paddle right, left, attack and jump. Tilting your device leans your rowboat back and forward to prevent water from coming in your vessel. If too much water accumulates, then you'll be thrown in the water in a type of mini-game, where you have to tap a button repeatedly to swim up, and tilt your device to avoid obstacles. One of the most outstanding elements of the game is the realistic water physics, which add to the whole lost-at-sea theme.

    Back on your boat, occasionally coins appear and when you get a certain amount of coins, a mermaid comes to give you a special collectible item, and you can view all your collectible items from a main menu. She might also give you a segment of your life back which comes in very handy in desperate times.

    All of this makes for a unique pick-up-and-play title, but currently is not enough to keep your attention for too long. Fortunately, the developer has promised to update the game, so without a doubt Waves: Survivor is only going to get better.

    Graphics & Sound

    While the graphics are nothing extremely ground-breaking, they are very nicely done, the water and the characters are very well rendered. But what really shines in Waves: Survivor is the beautiful night/day cycle, which range from pretty sunrises reflecting off the water, to dark landscapes lit by moonlight.

    The sound is done well, with somewhat relaxing soundtracks and good sound effects. iPod music is also supported.


    Waves: Survivor is definitely an interesting and fun title, and adds a lot of its own unique gameplay into the average arcade pick-up-and-play games. The frantic pace and non-stop action make for an intense gameplay. While the gameplay doesn’t last long, it has a short and sweet feel to it. As the developer has promised an update, we are eager to see what’s in store for the gamers. So keep checking back!

    Ratings (scale of 1 to 5):

    Graphics: - 4 - Graphics are good, with a beautiful unique night/day cycle.
    Sound: - 4 - Good music and sound effects, realistic water sounds. iPod music supported.
    Controls: - 4 - Simple virtual buttons, with good use of tilt controls works very well.
    Gameplay: - 4 - Great, unique lost-at-sea gameplay, with lots of collectibles and great water physics.

    Playing Hints and Tips:

    Read all the tips included in the game itself, a lot of helpful tips in there.

    App Facts:

    Developer: Renown Entertainment
    Release Date: Oct 5, 2010
    Price: $1.99
    Buy App: Waves: Survivor

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    Default game updated
    An update has just been released in the app store.

    Waves: Survivor for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

    What's New in Version 1.1


    ● Knock out enemies by jumping on them
    ● Carolina the Mermaid gives you health
    ● Rock out and attack enemies at the same time for big points
    ● Highly tuned control response
    ● Highly tuned control behavior
    ● Game play pacing, balancing, and tuning
    ● Refined water physics
    ● New water interaction (push back force)
    ● Richer, more vibrant graphics
    ● Improved night and dusk visibility
    ● Tuned game physics
    ● Various bug fixes

    Thanks to our fans for your feedback. We hope you enjoy this drastically improved update.

    Waves: Survivor for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

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    Default Holiday Sale!
    Oops, I forgot to mention Waves: Survivor is on sale for the holiday season!

    Happy Holidays everyone!

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