TipGuide: An iPhone App presented by NotinInMotion.com

More than A Tip Calculator! Tip Guidelines in many countries!

TipGuide presents all you need to determine tips on various occasions. It is not only a tip calculator, but also provides comprehensive guidelines by geography and service types. With just a few taps you can easily determine the tip at different percentage, split among people in your group, and even see the guidelines on the same screen.

Features include:
1.Quick tip calculation based on check amount and tip percentage;
2.Split among people;
3.Tip guidelines by country and by service type.

Addressed customer feedback. Added new features and improved user interface and navigation:
1.In addition to calculating tip based on percentage, now tip can be specified by directly dollar value;
2.Fixed the slider sensitivity issue, also added a call-out label for easy setting of tip percentage;
3.Tip and gratuity guidelines now have a separate screen, with easy navigation back to the tip calculator;
4.Keeping the default, now the guideline of interest you viewed last time will be saved and automatically displayed next time;
5.More guidelines。

only $0.99, a reasonable price, It is no doubt the most cost-effective tip calculator.

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