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I'm not sure if I'm if Im the only one who has noticed this, but my favorite music game, BeatRider, has either been killed by apples killswitch, or the devs abandoned it . It basically was a guitar hero clone which allowed players to use their own music (via a FTP server to process and send songs to the idevice via wifi). It also had leaderboards and free music from various indie artists of various genres. The game hasnt been updated in over a year, yet, even though the app is dead, its website lives on. http://mybeatrider.com .Anyone know what happened to it?

Well, Im going to assume it's dead, despite logic reasons. So does anyone know of any good guitar hero clones that allow one to use their idevice's music lib directly from thier idevice (meaning by not using a FTP service)? As of ios4, this is possible, because the ios4 SDK allows access of music lib files and music processing, bypassing the need to pre-process songs via FTP service. The only good ones I'm currently looking at are Arcade Rocker (which can only play music lib files from online database, ifail), Tapic, or Tap to the beat.

Also, does anyone know of any good idevice AudioSurfer clones (google the game) that can play music lib files directly from idevice without FTP server? The only thing close I see is Rhythm Racer, but it only allows you to play the in app songs .

Thanks in advance

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