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Thread: Pandora 3.1.3 (70077) keeps crashing on iPhone 4

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    Default Pandora 3.1.3 (70077) keeps crashing on iPhone 4
    I have searched the forum up and down looking for a solution, but I have not come up with anything regarding a problem with the more recent iOS 4+ firmware. Here is the problem I am experiencing:

    This just started today. I typically have Pandora running for 8+ hours per work day and have never experienced any problems until today. I can listen to maybe 3 songs before the Pandora screen turns black and then crashes. I have been multi-tasking with 'Words with Friends' and I thought that might have been the issue, but I kept Pandora open and it still crashes.

    I just purchased licenses two nights ago for My3G and MyWi and have been experiencing this problem afterwards. I am not sure if that has any significance, but just pointing out some recently changes with my activity.

    I am running iOS 4.0.1 with a Jailbreak on the iPhone 4. If anyone could guide me with anything to do or has experienced this in the past, please let me know. So far I have not had any success with searching for solutions. I deleted out Apps that were running in the background and restarted my phone to see if that would solve the problem, but nothing as of yet...

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    I'm also having this same issue which also just started today. I did not recently install MyWi or My3G, so probably not the issue. I did however install the new iTunes10 yesterday and synched with iPhone. Don't know if that has anything to do with it.

    I'm also running an iPhone4 with iOS4.01 jailbroken.

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    It must be a Pandora issue then. Is anyone else having problems with this?

    I have not upgraded the new iTunes yet and sync my phone about once every week or two, so nothing has changed on my end besides the addition of the MyWi and My3G. I had the jailbreak since the first day was available so I know that isn't the issue either. It's driving me crazy right now!

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    So I went back and the only thing I have installed in the last 24 hours is SBrotator. I uninstalled this, rebooted, and started Pandora. Went through about 20 songs, no crash. I can't say why the incompatibility as those two apps don't seem related. Removing SBrotator did resolve my issue however.

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    Same problem. I too have just installed my3g and mywi. Just a coincidence I guess. But yeh this has been real frustrating.
    Haven't updated iTunes.
    Ahhh wait I did install the old rotation inhibitor in sb settings hmmm....

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    Another day, another experience... I have been listening to Pandora for an hour and a half without any crashing. Maybe it was just intermittenly crashing yesterday since I haven't seen any other discussions about it anywhere? Hopefully it was just glitch that was resolved.

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    Uninstalled rotation inhibitor.
    Installed landscape orientation.
    Dunno if that had anything to do with it. Anyway been listening 3 hours no prob.

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    I have been seeing the same problem. It has been a little random at times. Would go 3 songs then crash or go 2 hrs fine. I find it a little strange myself

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    It seems as though the multitasking functionality is not working anymore now. It was crashing intermittently yesterday when multitasking, but today as soon as I go to even the home screen or texts, Pandora closes. This is getting extremely frustrating. It was fine Monday-Wednesday and now it's acting up again. It seemed to be the same pattern last week too, which is probably just coincidental but aggravating regardless.

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    Pandora (3.1.3) background audio is NOT working for me, either. Pandora 3.1.2 DOES work.

    Also not working (not sure what is supposed to work and what isn't):

    "Pocket Tunes"
    "HiDef Radio"
    "Public Radio"

    Working in background:

    "Pandora" (v3.1.2)
    "At Bat 2010" (MLB)
    "TuneIn Radio"
    "Radio USA"
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