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Thread: Ayone know why Apple doesn't send reciepts for free apps anymore?

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    Default Ayone know why Apple doesn't send reciepts for free apps anymore?
    It was nice to have the name of the free apps in your itunes history so you would know you can re-download an app if the price changed. Now Apple doesn't send you a reciept for any free apps. And since there are so many apps and some names are similar, you wind up purchasing apps you thought you already 'purchased' before.

    There needs to be a better way of re-downloading apps previously purchased. They only tell you after you clicked install and entered your password, that you already bought it but if you thought you already bought it (similar names) you just bought it then!

    Tell me that Apple doesn't love it when you accidently purchase similar named apps! Look at some developer prices for some cheesy app. They list it with some inflated $99 price and hope people accidently click on it in itunes and it buys it immediatly because you entered your password previously for a purchase you did want.

    There needs to be a better way to track purchased apps!!! Apple please listen!

    I think for music purchases, there is a 'Download previous purchases' button, lets get one for Apps!

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    If u buy apps on iTunes (not iPhone), it won't let u purchase an already bought app, u just download it again

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    If you to the iTunes Store, then click on your email in the top right of the iTunes Store, that will take you to your account overview, where you could check your purchase and that includes free apps...

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    The overview is pretty confusing, especially as there is no search-functionality.

    The easiest way is trying to write a review for the specific app.
    You have to own it (once downloaded or purchased) to have the permission for writing a review, so if you are able to do so, you can be sure it won't charge you.

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    I didnt know that about writing reviews...Thanks.

    I still think Apple should have a better way, especially on mobile devices, to view all apps purchased.

    Heck, I'd love it if in itunes when your in your apps section, you could right click on the app and it would give a description on what it does. Instead of having to do a search and finding it. Sometimes apps get pulled by developer and you cant find what the app is suppose to do.

    Thanks all for replys...

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