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Thread: Epic Citadel

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    Download it now. HOLY **** this is amazing. Xbox 360 graphics on freakin iPhone. Gears of war naow pl0x.

    iPhone 4 screenshots. It looks even better on an iPhone screen!

    Framerate is smooth on iPhone 4 and looks beautiful with retina display. Cant believe this is running on an iPhone..its just amazing. I mean When the PSP was out I was wondering when we would see xbox 360 graphics on a portable device and its already possible on such a small device!

    I really underestimated mobile technology, its actually almost catching up the consoles! Wow.
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    i wouldn't really say xbox 360 graphics, they aren' that good. But they are the best i have seen on the iPhone.

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    I was also amazed at how well this game looked, just a matter of time before you see more im sure, I like how Apple is covering the gaming side of the house, as far as it outselling playstation and nintendo, well I really didnt believe it and still dont because im sure the category Gaming console is very open to well anything that can play a game including App Games so I can kind of see where they got there stats from. Either way cant wait to see what other developers are creating for the iPhone.

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    The graphics are sick for sure, but am I the only one that still doesn't like using a flat touchscreen surface as controls? I'll keep the games to my ps3 for now. At least on my iPad my paws don't take up a significant amount of the screen.

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    For those who want a video:

    Kinda laggy but hey, it's better than watching through a camera to a screen. :d

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