Hello everyone! I am sure you are all excited with the release of the official netflix app for the iphone. Finally!!! I would love this app however am experiencing problems. So i downloaded the official netflix app (not the jailbroken version) for my iphone 3g with 3.1.3 firmware. I jailbroke my phone with snowbreeze. The problem is that as i get 10 minutes into a movie the movie begins to skip and then eventually my netflix crashes!! I have searched and searched and dont find anyone else having this problem....in fact a lot of people in their reviews said it worked great. So why wont it work for me?!?! So far the only thing I have tried is to reboot my phone, the results got a little better but not by much. I have added the netflix app to 3g unrestrictor. I have a video wallpaper. My questions are is this a limitation of my phone? i.e. maybe it just doesnt have enough memory to play an entire movie properly? Is it because of the theme i have installed? Pleaseeeeeeee can someone help?!?! Or are others out there with a 3g jailbroken 3.1.3 phone experiencing the same problems? Basically i havent been able to stream an entire movie without the app crashing at some point. Please keep in mind this is the official release of the netflix app for the iphone and not the modified one for the ipad.