Hey guys, let me state my current situation. I live in Canada, and I am with Fido as my carrier. My current phone bill cost me $95.71 after tax, my plans are stated below:

Plan includes:
250 mins day time from 8am to 7pm
unlimited incoming calls
unlimited evening and weekends
100 mins canadian long distances
caller ID

All the above for $35, plus system access $6.95, 911 emergency $0.75. Total comes out to be $42.70.

Optional plans that I have now:
200 text message $5.00
Voice Mail $7.00
6 gigs data plan $30.00

Subtotal $84.70 and total after tax = $95.71

IMO it's quite expansive per month basis, and the problem is, sometimes my airtime exceed. So I am thinking about using one of the Voip app available to lower my monthly bill. If possible, depends on the service of the VOIP service, I might be able to cancel or downgrade some of my plans.

I've looked into 2Line, iCall and Skype, but I don't know which one to choose from.

From what I know, 2Line has a great idea. From what I understand, is that when I am making a call through regular celluar network, it converts to data automatically to either wifi or 3G network. If this really work, it would save me money for exceed airtime. Though what I heard from some of the review is that it involve different caller ID or whatever, which I have no clue on what's going on. Besides, the subscription is $14.95 per month, so I wouldn't know if this really can save me money.

Don't know anything about iCall, reviewers says that they might take our number for marketing purposes such as caller spam, and I don't want that if that's true.

Does anyone have any advice? even if it's only available in Cydia or ROCK is fine too cuz my phone is JailBrokened.