NO.1 xTown Shanghai Expo $0.99
xTown Shanghai Expo multi-languages address cards of Shanghai clothing,food,shelter, transportation and Scenic Spots. And it also consolidation with google map, you donít need to connect the internet while you using it. Besides of the Shanghai tour information, xTown Shanghai Expo has a very useful xClipper function, if you are a free member of ::::Clipper:::::, you can collect the information from the internet to you xClipper account, and synchronize in your Iphone, so you can read this information anywhere. The price is only $0.99, is cheaper and useful than the congener software.

NO.2 Lonely Planet Shanghai $5.99
This software is developed by the author who came back from ShangHai, the information it recommended and the comments are very valuable for reference, picked pictures are supper elegant and absorbing, but if the content can be updated quickly will be better.

NO.3 Shanghai Taxi Guide $9.99
The feather of Shanghai Taxi Guide provide more than 3000ís address of Shanghai hotels, Scenic Spots and so on, the tourist can take the taxi very convenient even they are Chinese are bad, the Shanghai Taxi Guide can show the destination to the taxi driver directly if they need.

NO.4 Smart Shanghai $4.99
Smart Shanghai is an Iphone software developed by The information for Shanghai beer and skittles is very plentiful and local, worth mentioning is the pictures are very interesting. But this software is an online software, you Iphone must be connect the internet if you want to use it.

NO.5 Itravel Shanghai $9.99
Even if the layout of Itravel Shanghai is wateriness, and content is populist, but it designed different occasion Chinese learning is very useful for the tourists.