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Thread: Skype help

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    Default Skype help
    Hi guys hope you can help

    Basically I now have 2x iPhone 3G
    iPhone 1 has firmware 3.1.3 and an o2 contract sim providing free Internet
    iPhone 2 has ios4 (8a293) and a normal payg o2 sim (no Internet)

    The intention was to make the iphone 2 with ios4 a wifi skype handset as all the past skype phones I've had have had terrible signal over wifi except the iPhone.

    Anyway for some reason when I log into skype with it in wifi mode and switch the phone into lock mode (app still loaded) it will not ring if there is an incoming skype call.

    However if I do the same with the other iPhone 1 running 3.1.3 it rings even when locked, however since it has always on Internet I can't tell if it drops wifi when locked and uses the 3G network while in lock mode and restores wifi when turned on again.

    Also If I try the same on my wifi only iPad I have no problems it will ring if there is an incoming call while locked.

    Anyone have any idea why this is?

    Is this a bug with ios4? Or do all iPhone 3g loose wifi on skype when in locked mode?

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    It leaves wifi mode when locked. Try finding a jailbreak solution. I think there's an app that leaves the wifi on while phone is locked...

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    The cydia apps that create persistent wifi are Insomnia and KeepAwake. The only problem is that they share an unfortunate bug that messes with audio. When I was using them on an iPod touch, they made my external microphone stop responding. It's possible that an iPhone's internal mic will be ok, but I can't say for sure.

    You can try them, but if that doesn't work, another way to get persistent wifi is to turn auto-lock off in your iPhone's settings, and then get Cydia app ScreenDimmer, which can turn the screen off (so you aren't draining battery). So you're basically simulating the iPhone going to sleep without its actually doing so.

    . . . but iOS 4 supposedly has persistent wifi, doesn't it?
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    Thanks for the replies
    According to apples site about persistent wifi it doesn't include iPhone 3G according to iOS 4 Software Update

    So guess my only choice is to jailbreak, as I've never attempted this before is it safe?

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    Jailbreaking is safe. If something goes wrong just restore your iPhone. Make sure you have your phone backed up before you jailbreak.

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