I have a 3GS with software 3.1.2. I have hacked the phone with Blackra1n (tethered).

I just had to recently restore, rehack my phone as it had stopped responding.

When trying to update apps that are already installed through the app store I am always prompted to log in ti itunes account [email protected].

I have no idea what/who/where this login came from. After seeing it for the first time I realised that I had not changed my root passwords and had enable SSH. I was/am concerned that maybe the phone has been compromised.

If I delete the app and then reinstall it I am then prompted to login with the correct (my itunes) account. I have checked the account shown in settings->store and this is the correct account.

Even after performing the above steps to reinstall one application it has to repeated again for any updates to other apps. (if not deleted previously).

Any help would be great.