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Bounce Bullet for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

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Bounce Bullet, developed by Orient Maple, is a unique game where you ricochet bullets in order to hit targets. Equipped with an appropriately-themed cowboy hat, you play the game by aiming your gun and firing; But be careful, because your limited ammo stock depletes quickly, and you only have a set amount of "resets" before you have to start from the very beginning again.

That's about as complicated as the mechanics of the game get, however, this app really steps up to the plate with originality and keeps you interested as you "just barely" hit or miss that last annoying target.

Bounce Bullet is also very accommodating to different players: Don't like blood, or just don't like the idea of shooting human silhouettes? No problem, You can change your targets into lollipop targets! Is the game too easy? Change between Easy, Medium, and Hard!

Best of all, Bounce Bullet come with a very generous free version, that will keep you entertained all in itself. Players looking for greater challenges, or more features (such as laser sight) can purchase Bounce Bullet Pro for just $0.99, unlocking one hundred new maps and different themes.

So head on over to the app store now and test your gunslinging skills; or in the very least, download the free version and give it a "shot". (See what I did there?)