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Thread: L5 Remote app released, dongle available for purchase

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    Default L5 Remote app released, dongle available for purchase
    I'll admit it, I bit the bullet and ordered the $50 dongle and downloaded the free app. I've read concerns about battery drain, but since I'd be using this at home (where I have a power cord handy) I'm not all that worried.

    I'll play around with the remote designer this weekend; as soon as the dongle arrives I'll report back with a performance review.

    Here's the link:
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    Default l5 remote
    Ordered mine yesterday too as soon as i got the email. So when is it supposed to ship and how long will it take to get here???

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    I received a shipping confirmation last night -- looks like it's being sent USPS, so I'm guessing I'll have it Saturday or Monday.

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    yeah, got mine last night also.

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    Received the remote dongle yesterday; here's my quick review:


    -- the app is easy to set up; there are enough button choices that you can really duplicate the layout of your favorite remote or create something more intuitive;

    -- the dongle is very small; should work with most cases and easily fits in a pocket when unplugged;

    -- I found it very easy to "teach" the app my IR codes using my existing universal remote;

    -- performance was excellent; the remote appears to have very good range and sensitivity;

    -- I didn't notice a huge battery drain while using it.


    -- I would like to see the ability to download templates or save my own for export; I suppose they will backup when I sync with iTunes, but this is an area for improvement (for example, I'd have to re-create all of the remotes on my wife's iPhone);

    -- to go from one remote to another, you either swipe side to side or press a button that brings up a list of the remotes you've created; there's no way to sort the order, though. This is a minor issue, but placing the remotes in a particular order would be useful for many, I'd guess;

    -- I experienced one glitch when the iPhone gave me an error message that the dongle "is not designed for use with the iPhone" and wouldn't activate. After unplugging and rebooting the phone, the issue appears to have been resolved;

    -- macro functionality exists, but I haven't tried it yet, so I can't comment positively or negatively.

    All in all, this appears to be a very well-designed utility for the iPhone that actually works. I anticipate I'll keep the remote dongle in my pocket when I'm at home and find myself using it pretty frequently. There are some improvements I'd like to see in future versions of the app, but it's an excellent start.

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    Thanks for the review.

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