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Thread: Best Free Wifi Caller

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    Default Best Free Wifi Caller
    Ok I'm Going On A Long Plane Ride Home Soon And As We All Know Everywhere Has Wifi Now Lol Whats The Best App Either From The App Store Or Cydia Either One As Long As It Don't Cost Me Lol Thanks

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    I have tried possibly all of the apps that claim they call for free, and i have finally found such a great one, it is in the AppStore, and it is call "iCall Free VoIP" it uses wifi to make calls anywhere in the US and CAN for free, you actually don't have to pay any sort of fee like Skype or whatever. All you have to do is install it, then if you want to keep the free version, it gives you a number to call from a landline, the second that the call is connected it will end the call and the app will be activated, on caller I.D. it comes up as, like, Private, or Unknown. This is really a great app, and I Hope that it helps you!

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    maybe you guys can help me...I have a 3GS...jailbroken/unlocked i installed cydia & rock where i get some apps and they work fine.

    PROBLEM: I can download apps from the App Store and they download...when I try to launch the 'downloaded app' will open for literally 1 second and it'll close.

    any ideas?

    and this happened post-JB

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    okay first thing i think you should do, is go into cydia, download SBSettings, once they are installed open them go to more then click on the extras folder and turn on the apple kill switch, tell me if this works or not

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    Ok, I D.loaded SBSettings and turned on the kill switch and nothing. I deleted the App-Store applications and re-installed them but still nothing.

    Any other ideas?

    btw...Thanks alot.

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    no problem, so when you open the app does a pop up or anything happen, or just the immediatly shut off? try rebooting your device

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    I've tried the rebooting and reinstalling many many times.

    The app installs into my springboard just fine. When i click on launches...FOR 2 SECONDS...then it simply closes

    Am going nuts here cause I am in the Caribbean for med school and I really need this 'iCall free Voip' and my 'skype' apps.

    Any other advice?

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    is it your app store apps, or your cracked apps? or both that wont work??

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    just the ones from the app store...the ones from cydia and rock work just fine.

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    do you have **********? try using apps from it. see if they work

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    yeah i did have facebook, skype, and some games...right after i JB/unlocked...they stopped working...

    Is this a common glitch in the JB community?

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    yes try restoring your iPod back to factory settings, and re jailbreaking, you should then be fine

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    just the ones from the app store...the ones from cydia and rock work just fine.

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    The Vonage app lets you call FOR FREE without a credit card, provided you are on Wifi, to anyone in the U.S.

    iCall, mentioned earlier, is great, too.

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