The Body is a great app for med school students and anyone interested in doing something in the medical field! Download the app and see what you think. Heres a description of it:

Introducing the newest addition to the elite group of medical apps! The Body takes a round up of the four major systems in your body and morphs it into one extreme app. This is great for anyone studying in medicine, the body, or looking forward to doing either of these one day. It is also good for people just interested in how the human body works.

Get it now! This price is for a limited time only!


- Brain diagram
- Heart diagram
- Respiratory system diagram
- Digestive system diagram
- Over 300 medical roots, prefixes, and suffixes
- Labeled features of each organ/system
- Detailed info on each feature (1000+ words)
- Rotation support
- Scrollable views for all organs/systems
- Highly detailed and informative app
- Great for any med student
- Great for anyone interested in the human body

Soon in the future there will be videos, 3D models, and even more detail! But don't wait get it now before the price goes up!

They are currently adding sound to the app so get it now before it becomes even more useful and they put the price up.