I was wondering if anyone might have any suggestions to help me with a problem with Jaadu RDP. I am connecting through the Gmail login, which works, however it seems that at times Jaadu Connect on my WinXP computer must lose connection (I suspect) and then fails to reestablish it. This is because my computer then stops showing online when I sign in on Jaadu. I have to have someone manually restart the program in order for me to get on again. It's kind of frustrating that I keep having to have someone restart the program for me when I'm away because it keeps failing to stay connected.

For the record I have had a lot of trouble getting this program to work. It would not work at all with RDP enabled through Windows, even with opening the port, turning the services on, etc. Windows said RDP was running and the port was open but Jaadu still failed to find it. So that's why I'm signing in through the Gmail option. I'm not sure if it would make any difference.

Anyhow, it kind of sucks since the point of the whole program is to be able to access your computer when you're away and not having to have someone keep getting on it so you can connect. I'm not sure if there is any way to get around this issue? Is there a program by chance that allows you possibly to stop and start programs on a schedule? This may be my best bet to ensure connectivity. Letting it run all the time is just going to cause it to lose connection.


Thanks for any help