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Thread: iParkIt Version 2 App

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    Default iParkIt Version 2 App
    [ame=]YouTube - Youngsoft iParkIt Version 2 Teaser HD[/ame]

    This app requires iPhone 3GS for the compass functions. All other functions would work in non 3GS iphones and iTouch that run the latest OS.

    --- iParkIt is on sale @ 50% off price as an introductory offer, be among the first 5000 users to take advantage of the offer ---

    Finding your car after the game is never easy. iParkIt is there to your rescue. Why have multiple applications for parking, routing, parking timer, parking lot reminder.

    --- iParkIt has it all in one nifty App. ---

    With over seven features - parking lot number, parking snapshot, car direction compass, parking ticker, parked level, user compass, routing and mapping capabilities, finding your car will be a breeze.

    If you do not want to pay extra for parking when you are just a few minutes late. iParkIt can alert you well in advance to hasten your steps to your parking lot.

    iParkIt has routing capabilities which shows you the way to to get to your car, The options are to take a stroll, pedal your way on a bicycle or hitch a ride with your colleague.

    Two compasses to show your direction and another to show the direction to the car, can guide you to your destination in a jiffy.

    The car parking snap shot along with car parking indicator and parking level tells you exactly where you left your car in the parking. May be you parked next to a red Lamborghini.

    With an innovative interface, you have access to all these features on a single screen along with your map, As expected of any map application you can zoom in zoom out, pan the map.

    --- iParkIt will be upgraded to include 4 themes once we have 5000 customers using our app ---

    To discuss more about this and to keep track of the numbers, head to our iParkIt website.

    Follow us on facebook and on the application page. Visit us at
    .Youngsoft, Inc. Web Site iParkIt Support .iPhone Screenshots

    iParkIt for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad on the iTunes App Store
    guys lend us your support, comments to make the app better

    also check out iAid app of ours which is also free :
    iAid for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad on the iTunes App Store
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    Post to the correct forum and do not duplicate threads, we consider this spamming and will not be tolerated.

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    Sorry, didnt know where to post, new to modmyi is this the correct forum or should i move it somewhere else???

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    Your good here I was referring to the other thread that we deleted.

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    Not the ipark it! I though lol

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    lol... no buddy not the ipark it! game

    though it will help me a lot if you can review this and give some of your suggestions, also take the app as a freebie
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    i like the app and its features, when will be the themes released, will we be allowed to customize our theme or will it be stock pckg

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    hi richa, well the themes will be stocked but you guys can contribute, the ones which are liked by most of the users will be featured, but it is yet to be tested.

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    well if you ask me i will prefer themes that i can customize, also a full screen feature would be nice

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    harshrajat (2010-04-06)

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone after_burners's Avatar
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    Feb 2010
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    looks good And could b handy where do I get the free copy from?

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    harshrajat (2010-04-06)

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    Tima Kudinov

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    harshrajat (2010-04-06)

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    Hi, thanks for you support you can get the app from this iTunes link too iParkIt for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad on the iTunes App Store

    @richa: We are under the process of releasing an update by 10th, lets see we might roll up a full screen option
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    iPhone? More like MyPhone after_burners's Avatar
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    Feb 2010
    south wales
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    real shame but u need 3.1.3 to run

    I'll check it out after there is a jailbreak for the new firmware first

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    @after_burners : there is, right now i have a JB/unlocked phone at 3.1.3

    ofcourse its a 1g, dunno about the other models thgh, will have to check

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    nice to hear bout tht update, keep us posted

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    Hi Richa,
    good news we will be including a fullscreen option in the new version.
    The new version will be submitted to Apple on 10th April

    We are also in the midst of planning a contest so can any admiin point me out on how to have it on

    guys last 3 days remaining for free download
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    hey i just found a typo, you guys have misspelled success, its written as sucess

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    Default Last 2 days for the freebie
    Issued in the public interest and of my own too

    Last day of free sales guys.... grab it while you can

    Last 6 hours remaining for the freebie app - iParkIt

    last two hours of free sales remaining guys

    average rating 4.0/5.0 (73 ratings), thanks for your support

    Hi guys promotion of iParkIt has ended.

    we are in the process of readying an update so that the app experiences can be improoved, would really appreciate if you could point out the services/feature/improvisation that you liked or want to get it improved.

    Thanks for all your support,
    we got 78 ratings (average 4/5), however there seems to be some users who are not happy with it and we just wanted to know what can be done to improove their experience.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Harsh Rajat
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    pretty cool app

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