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Thread: Any calendar app with a "snooze" feature for reminders?

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    Default Any calendar app with a "snooze" feature for reminders?
    I use the default iPhone calendar app quite a bit and have reminders set throughout the day for things I need to do. These reminders sometimes go off while I'm busy with others things and can't do what that reminder is reminding me of right then.

    I'd love a feature that would allow me to simply hit a snooze type function so I can continue doing what I'm doing and the reminder will go off again later to make sure I don't forget that task.

    Is there an app with a calendar feature like this?

    It will also need to push notifications when the screen is off like the iPhone calendar app does.

    Does anyone know of an app that can do this?

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    Any other suggestions? I still can't believe the default calendar app doesn't have this snooze type feature.

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    Maybe "Calendar Snooze-SnooziCal" does that?

    The SnooziCal application offers “snooze” option to new & existing events from the IPhone’s native calendar.
    SnooziCal is not a dedicated calendar application but a “snooze” utility app only, and works along with the IPhone’s native calendar. Moreover, event creation/editing/removal is performed regularly, via the native calendar.
    When an event's alert occurs, first the native calendar’s alert is presented followed by SnooziCal notification.
    SnooziCal's alert is presented with two options: “Close”, “Stop”. Close is used to keep the default snooze on, while Stop is used to stop the snooze option.
    Once the SnooziCal app is launched (manually or when an alert occurs) the application will automatically synchronize the following 7 days with the native calendar.
    I didn't try it. And I am personally still looking for a corresponding tweak from Cydia
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