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Thread: Navigon vs TOMTOM

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    I have tried them all, tomtom is absolute rubbish it comes up with the stupidest routes you can imagine,navigon and copilot are really good

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    I've heard that Navigon recalculates routes a little too often taking odd routes at times taking shortest path vs quickest route - but maybe thats configurable or a misconception.

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    i think tomtom has a better interface and it's easier to use, but voice directions are terrible. navigon actually tells you what street to turn on and whether the place is on the left or right.

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    Navigon does recalculate the route quickly. A good thing in my book since if you make a wrong turn or want to detour you want to know the next step ASAP.

    Navigon generally offers the voice direction in a timely fashion as well. Havent been able to fully try this on TomTom because it keeps dropping GPS signal.

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    I used Navigon from Michigan to Oaklahoma and I was more than surprised at its performance! I am more than happy with Navigon its a winner!

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    i use Tom Tom, which is ok...maybe i should take a look at Navigon since everybody's recommending it...

    BTW.. I think the Price for the tom tom kit is BS!..for all the money i'm paying, i might as well purchase a real GPS.

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    Yeah I'm going against the stream hear also. I LOVE Tom Tom. The colors on the maps are way easier to see than Navigon. I don't use the voice option because I use my phone as my music player and don't like the interruptions so saying street names is not a big deal to me. I also don't like the way Navigon shows generic on ramp and off ramp pictures. It just looks generic to me. But both do work I just think Tom Tom is easier to use and easier to look at while driving.

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    Tom Tom cos I bought it!

    Okay i'll stop lying to myself, I wish I got navigon...

    When I go downtown with Tom Tom, it can't even find me and it freaks out, thinks i'm on these other roads... sigh...

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    Default Nav Software

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    I definitely prefer Navigon over TomTom. The map interface seems a lot simpler to me (maybe because I'm more familiar with it from having a Garmin GPS which also uses Navteq) and text to speech is a great feature to have. I would say that the TomTom has a better overall UI though.

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    another one for Navigon over here

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    I love my Navigon!

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    i got tom tom due to it looking nicer in the app store, i'm happy with it...

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    so far i've tried TomTom. I'm not greatly impressed with it, its just a simple GPS app in my opinion. It would be nice to have voice support for the street names (like the Navigon) The layout is simple, but maybe its a good thing since this is an application for a phone with 600MHz of a hamster wheel....

    I so wanna give Navigon a try since so many people seem to stand behind it.

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    So far Ive only tried navigon, but i am really happy with it! It's actually better than my real tomtom gps...

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    I've tried both and Navigon is the clear winner. It has more up-to-date maps in S. California (Also has better maps in Houston than my dad's new garmin. Surprising, since Navigon hasn't been in the US market for a while.) The map shows more information and looks better (the simpler and blockier TomTom interface might be better for people with bad vision). The lane assist and tts is nice. I like how it has the integrated ipod controls and how it lowers the ipod volume when giving directions as opposed to TomTom pausing the ipod every time. TomTom probably wins out on POIs, but neither is that great, and I end up using gmap anyway. TomTom was the best on my old winmo phone, but they didn't really upgrade that much for the iphone while Navigon introduced a lot of new features.

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    id say navi was far better if you like all the tweaks like live traffic speed cams etc but i found tomtom was jus so easy to use and read

    conclusion tomtom for the wife navi for me

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    Still waiting for the live traffic update for Navi that was supposed to be out this month. Any word?

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    Can anyone tell me how to get the reality view on Navigon!?

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    I'd say Navigon for now as they really are better at updates and generally appear more comitted to the iPhone platform, but it really does depend on where you are and what you need. For me, for instance, Tomtom's IQ Routes work very well but I still use Navigon due to the street-readout, iPod controls, and better coverage in Europe (e.g. more countries). Of course, hearing Navigon read out Swedish street names in English has made me want to take the train more than once

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