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Thread: Best IM App

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    Default Best IM App
    Hey everyone,
    I'm just curious as to what you guys all think the best IM app for the iPhone is. I've been jumping between AIM and Palringo lately.

    My problem with AIM is that it doesn't have the landscape keyboard.

    But I don't like Palringo because it doesn't have the proper groups and such from my AIM screen name, and a lot of the time it takes forever to sign into my AIM s/n.

    So just let me know what you guys think! Thanks!
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    ^+1 Beejive is the best, also has push notifications.

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    A lot of the IM Apps have push notifications now as well, I believe.
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    Definitely BeeJive, only app I've bought ;O

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    Beejive crazy I paid 15 bucks for it. Worth every penny ;-)

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    Beejive. At this point, they have pretty much ironed out every bug, and it has features some of the other IM apps may never see (direct IM photo sharing, voice recording upload, sharing videos from the 3G S). Not to mention, it is by far the NICEST looking IM app, and appears identical to the Text Message application.

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    I'll put in my $.02 for Trillian Astra, though it's not publically available yet.

    If you're looking to purchase an IM app, I'd say wait until it's available and look further into it. I believe they may even have a trial/freeware version like they have with many of their other versions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TooSlo View Post
    I'll put in my $.02 for Trillian Astra, though it's not publically available yet.
    It's only $0.02? WOW.

    Anyway, do you have any screenshots/info on it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by IndianCheese View Post
    It's only $0.02? WOW.

    Anyway, do you have any screenshots/info on it?
    If you google it, they have a website. I've used the PC version before, works well. We'll see for the iphone I guess whenever it becomes available.

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    trillian already sold out there beta spots. they are limited to whatever Apples Developer terms are. we have no expected release on a final launch. and from what ive seen about the features....beejive is still better. i bought beejive when it first came out at $20. i have not once regretted my decission. the ONLY thing it lacks at this time is group conversations. thats it.
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    I use IM+ and like it a lot

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    Beejive 120%

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    My vote goes to BeeJive also. $10 for a IM app seems high but it is completely worth it. (Actually I got it when it did a 1/2 sale )

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    Beejive all the way there buddy! Worth every cent! 1121 downloads and rates four stars at this time! Plus you get to pay five dollars less than I did!

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    To add to the beejive love, for almost a year Beejive was $16 in a market of free/$0.99 apps and still managed to stay in the top 10 paid apps of social networking. Since it came out, it has never dropped from there

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    BeejiveIM... Is worth every penny. Yes it is a bit more costly vs IM+ and others but the UI is amazing and very friendly. Plus the support forum helps. They constantly come out with updates, it doesnt disconnect you as often or even at all compared to IM+. Dont be a cheapo, pay for it, you will not regret it. This will be the ONE app you always use, so dont cheat them and buy it.

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    bejive is the best
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