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Thread: App recognition question..

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    Default App recognition question..
    Say you have an app from the app store. You buy it, install it ect. From then on if you delete it, or restore your iPhone, it knows it's the same phone. But if you replace your phone as I have with the 3GS the app does a "fresh" install.
    What on the phone tells it it's a "new" or different device and how do you modify that parameter?

    I took my girlfriends iPhone an logged into my iTunes account on it, and installed this app on her phone an I got the "bonus" (App has a "bonus" thing where you get points when you purchase the app) of the fresh install. Then repeated it on my friends touch. So I can keep getting the "bonus" each time I install it on a different device for free since I have already purchased the app.

    I want to know how/if I can use the same device but keep resetting or changing whatever PIN/UID/Serial in the phone that tells the app if it's a new or different device.


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    ...I don't know but isn't it based on your account rather than the device? If it's new to your account it works but once you have done it on one account it keeps record of it. I'm not sure but that's what I get from it.

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    No, I can login to my account on other devices an it will install "fresh", I don't want to use other devices, just my own. Like it saves user info on the device or recognized the device by something like the IMEI or something. I want to reset that, change it or modify it so it thinks my device is "new" each time I install it.

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    Most apps save on their servers whether you have used the points app. I think they use your device ID as an account to save most of their data so you can't use it on that device again. It works on the other device because it is effectively a different account in the app.
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