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Thread: REVIEW:- MAPEX Drum Masterclass App

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    Thumbs up REVIEW:- MAPEX Drum Masterclass App
    I should start this review by saying this is a really awesome app....

    If you're like me and have always wanted to be a drummer, tapping away on the car steering wheel or anything which is in sight, then MAPEX Drum Masterclass will be right up your street. It claims to be the only app on the market which actually teaches you to read drum music properly so I quickly downloaded the app, though I had to do it over wifi as it's over 20Mb, and from there it was really easy to get up and running. The main interface is clear and the options screens are all in the native iPhone format, so it pretty obvious what everything did straight away, which was a relief compared to some of the other apps i have tinkered with.

    The main program comprises of a set of 32 lessons which teach you step by step drumming techniques, and then follows on from them with a demonstration of a drum pattern. Once all that is over then the fun part begins where you can actually practise the drum beats along to the music written on the screen. It's really easy at first following the music, and I felt like i was quickly picking up reading the musical notes which was really encouraging, as other times I've tried to learn drum music I have run out of patience. The lessons slowly get more challenging but the tips before each lesson come in very handy.

    I've got as far as lesson 24 now, and the music is getting pretty complicated so I feel like i have come a long way and really enjoyed the learning to drum, and even when the patterns get a bit tricky you can slow the metronome down so you can learn the music at you own speed.

    One thing I have not mentioned yet is the way the app sounds. Unlike a lot of the other drum apps I have tried Mapex have obviously spent some time getting the drum sounds sounding very nice and convincing. It's very customisable too; I was able to choose from different drum shells from the actual Mapex drum range i believe, and then tune the drums and change all sorts of different settings on it to make it sound and look like I wanted, very nice.

    Also on the app there is a Drill mode which is supposed to create a random pattern of music to read, like sight reading I suppose. I've not used that too much yet as some of those patterns seem pretty tricky but I guess once I get a bit further on with the lessons this will give me something fresh to keep practising with.

    The app has come with 32 lessons, and it looks like you can download extra lessons packs and drum sounds as well, so far I found the first set of lessons to be a really good starting point and has really got me thinking about buying a set of real drums, but I'm not sure the wife would be happy about that!

    In summary, the app feels very nice to use and the interface and controls seem pretty slick. The drum sounds are by far the nicest of any drum app I've tried, but the big thing for me is the depth of the app with excellent lessons and the fact that I'm learning something new and useful with the app. It's nice to use an app which has a bit of longevity rather than something which becomes pretty tired after a couple of hours or even days use. For me I think is well worth the money and I give it 9/10.
    MAPEX Drum Masterclass - iPhone 3G and iPod Touch Drum Application
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