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Thread: Unrestrictor 3g

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    Default Unrestrictor 3g
    Can't find anything on this, so I'm asking.

    I currently have the VOIP3g app that you have to SSH into your phone and work with....I personally found it easy to do, and it works great. But ModMyi says that it is now replacing Tricker 3g and VOIP3g...can anyone give me a reason on WHY I would want this app if I already have VOIP3g and know how to use it? I just can't see paying 2.00 unless VOIP3g is officially kicking the bucket. But since I already modded my files....I shouldn't have to worry right? I only use it for Skype and Slingbox.

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    He who asks a question looks foolish for 5 minutes. He who doesn't ask a question remains foolish forever.

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    Ah...did not scroll down to see the posts earlier...sorry. I even did a forum search!

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    It truly amazes me that folks who own iPhones fret over $2 apps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eballesq View Post
    It truly amazes me that folks who own iPhones fret over $2 apps.
    Thank you for you unnecessary comment before PMing me about it first! 1st Class all the way for you!

    I'm not worried about spending $2.00 on an app. Actually last night, I spent over $35.00 on apps in Cydia. I just already did all the SSH crap, downloaded VOIP3G...and I read somewhere that it might be pulled off the market, which means I didn't know if it would still work for me.....and didn't know if it was worth it for me to get the Unrestrictor 3G. I ended up buying it anyways to support Cydia.....

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