iFart: The creator of this application supposedly earned a million from iFart, a fantastically puerile app which transforms your iPhone or iPod touch in to a virtual fart machine.

My Girl’s Day: There are dozens of menstruation calendar apps available through iTunes, but this period tracker appears to be designed with men in mind so that they can keep abreast of their girlfriend’s impending mood swings and food cravings.

Baby Shaker: This controversial application was withdrawn from the iTunes store shortly after release. The app, which encouraged you to shake your iPhone to silence a crying baby, was heavily criticised by web users and children’s groups.

BulletFlight: A must for every self-respecting marksman, this app helps gunmen line up a clean shot at their target by calculating factors such as prevailing wind conditions, ammunition type, and distance to the target.

iBeer: This app, which was at the centre of a legal battle, turns the iPhone or iPod touch in to a virtual pint glass; tip the device to your lips to mimick gulping down the foamy suds.

Dog whistler: Wannabe shepherds will love this app, which emits a whistling sound to call your dog to heel. The only problem is, some of the frequencies are beyond the range of human hearing, so you’ll have to take the developer’s word for it.

LOL Maker: Lolcats – pictures of cats overlaid with hilarious captions – is an internet institution. Now you can make your own Lolcat on the go.

Influenza: Get swine flu alerts from the Centre for Disease Control pushed straight to your iPhone, and you’ll have advanced warning of when to bed down in your nuclear bunker.

Star Wars Sound Board: App aimed at die-hard Star Wars fans – simply click on a picture of your favourite character to hear them say a famous catchphrase.

iFlipFlow Lite: Remember those novelty pens that had a picture of a lady inside the barrel who would magically "undress" when you tipped the pen? Well, this is the 21st-century version, in which tilt the iPhone or iPod touch to reveal the lady in her undergarments.