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Thread: Wake Up To Your Music with AlarmTunes

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    Default Wake Up To Your Music with AlarmTunes
    We are extremely excited to announce the release of our application AlarmTunes, written exclusively for iPhone OS 3.0.

    In short, we wanted to make a simple and reliable Alarm Clock that would make waking up in the morning much more enjoyable for ourselves and our customers.

    Here are a few screenshots and our excerpt from iTunes with more detail.

    Finally, the ability to wake up to music from your iPod library is now here.

    Introducing AlarmTunes for iPhone and iPod Touch. Only .99 cents for a limited time!

    Exclusively designed for iPhone OS 3.0!!

    No longer is it necessary to purchase an expensive alarm clock accessory, with AlarmTunes you’ll be able to reduce your bedside clutter making your iPhone or iPod Touch your bedside clock, alarm clock, and charging unit all one. Wake up the right way, fully charged and ready for another day.

    Features Include:
    • Direct Access to all music from your iPod music Library including playlists, albums, songs, artists, and more...
    • Ability to designate multiple or individual tracks as your alarm
    • A true clock! Clock display will remain illuminated while device is plugged into power source
    • Alarm feature will reliably sound even if your device is in sleep mode and your screen is shut off (unlike most alarm apps)
    • Shake feature enables random selection of music
    • Persistent memory of settings such as alarm mode, music selection, volume preference
    • 24 hour clock support with a simple double tapping on the display
    • Standard alarm mode available as an alternative to music
    • Simple and intuitive interface
    • Set the tone for the day and wake up to your favorite songs.

    Transform your iPhone or iPod Touch into your morning wake up call with AlarmTunes!

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    Very cool, I like it

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    Nice little app, I may have to try this one.

    You know, since you just registered to put up reviews of your apps (saw the other).....

    You could sweetin up our members with a few promo codes, I'd say thats a fair trade

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    do you have to keep this app open for it to work? i know it can be in sleep mode, but if i get a text in the middle of the night i don't want to have to re-set the alarm, or forget to re-set the alarm. thanks for your answer.

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    Yeah it must stay open

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    if this must stay open. How is it useful at all? you get a text or a call and your f'd in the a. Or does it just keep going although the missed call thing in on top of it? If not... sounds fail.
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    good question... def not useful at all if it must stay open due to texts, calss etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by modesto83 View Post
    good question... def not useful at all if it must stay open due to texts, calss etc.
    How is that a problem? The app "remembers" the alarm settings, so once you complete your text or call you simply restart the app. It's not as if you have to open the app and re-enter your settings.

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    Yeah its not much use if it doesnt background.

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    because if i'm asleep, sometimes i get a call, or a text, or a push notification that will interupt the program. make sense?

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    Quote Originally Posted by daytoncj View Post
    because if i'm asleep, sometimes i get a call, or a text, or a push notification that will interupt the program. make sense?
    Not really. A text will cause a popup to appear and doesn't close whatever app you're running. Similarly, when I'm in an app and receive a call, as soon as the call ends my phone goes right back to the app.

    Just sayin.'

    Anyway, with Backgrounder on a JB phone this shouldn't even be an issue.

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    One other thing to point out. If you do not want to be awaken by push notifications or other alerts, you can put your phone on vibrate mode. The alarm music will still play at the appropriate time even though you are in vibrate mode.

    Also, we have created the app to run in sleep mode so you may optionally lock your device and turn your screen off if keeping the screen on is an issue for you.

    The upcoming update also includes a new "night display mode" which I think many of you are really going to like.

    Thanks for the feedback everyone!

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    Looks awesome! Definitely want to try this out, you should throw a few promo codes our way.
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    Default AlarmTunes 1.1 Summary

    New in AlarmTunes 1.1

    -Multiple Alarm Capability
    -Alarm On/Off Toggle
    -Resortable Alarms
    -New Night Mode Display Option
    -Fall asleep to your music with the new preview mode, automatically turns music off after 30 minutes
    -Ability to select shuffle, continuous play or repeat when multiple tracks are selected
    -Hitting Snooze now queues up the next song in your playlist
    -Podcasts are now included
    -Alarm Fade-in
    -Shake to Snooze
    -12/24 hour preference saved to memory
    -Background Preference saved to memory
    -Minor bug fixes


    AlarmTunes 1.2 Summary

    Waking up to your music just got even better! In our continued efforts to meet our customers needs we are extremely excited to announce the latest update to AlarmTunes. Here is a brief overview of the new features found in 1.2:

    Landscape Mode
    AlarmTunes now works in both portrait and landscape orientations. Now enjoy a nice large clock that takes advantage of the wider screen width and a minimalistic design.

    More Control
    Now you can easily navigate your selected playlist with simple swipe gestures. Swipe right skips to the next track, while swiping left will go to the previous track. It's that simple!

    Battery, Battery, Battery
    We chose to spend a great deal of development time optimizing battery consumption as we have learned many of our customers want to use AlarmTunes for long periods without being plugged in. You will surely notice a significant difference!

    Improved Performance
    Fixed an intermittent issue related to media not loading properly and audio not playing.
    General performance and stability improvements.

    The update is free for existing customers, and AlarmTunes is still priced at a remarkable $0.99 for new customers.

    Check out this great new version of AlarmTunes in the App Store!
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    looks like a pretty cool app
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    Default AlarmTunes 1.2.1 update now out!
    We just wanted to let everyone know that our update to AlarmTunes 1.2 (1.2.1) was finally approved!

    This new update contains major bug fixes in addition to a few new features.

    New Features Include:
    - Ability to update an existing alarm time without having to delete and re-add
    - Screen Dimming (performed by holding the light bulb icon for 1 sec.)

    Bug Fixes:
    - Corrected crashing issue for users with incomplete song meta data
    - Improved charging status detection for screen auto-lock override feature
    - Sleep mode no longer interrupts timed sleep music
    - Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements

    We have appreciated all of the support we have received from the forum and wanted to be sure to keep everyone updated.

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    Default AlarmTunes 1.3 Now Available
    We just wanted to let everyone know that the latest update to AlarmTunes is now available.

    This new update addresses 2 main objectives.

    1) Implementation of user preferences via the iPhone OS settings application. Users may now:

    - Choose your own Snooze time
    - Configure the Music Sleep Timer
    - Enable/Disable Alarm Fade-in Feature

    2) Code optimization to ensure compatibility with iPhone OS 3.1.

    We hope everyone enjoys the update and we look forward to updating you on the next one.

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    Default AlarmTunes 2.0 Update Now Out!!
    We are absolutely pleased to announce our biggest update to AlarmTunes yet (version 2.0), now available in the App Store.

    As with previous updates, we have really focused on the top requested features from customers (and forum members!) in a continuous effort to optimize the user experience and meet the needs of existing and future customers.

    Below is a brief description of the latest features and enhancements.

    Enhanced Scheduling Options
    - Ability to specify when an alarm should go off including options for weekdays only, weekends only, everyday, or once.

    UI Improvements
    - Fresh new design and streamlined interface
    - New status bar used to display date, alarm status, and battery level
    - New "Grid" theme (can be changed in settings)

    Album Art
    - Thumbnail image of the current album being played within the clock interface
    - Optional as background image when alarm goes off (turn on in settings)

    Additional Features and Fixes
    - Get current battery level information by touching battery status icon
    - Use the audio from any video media file as alarm (including video podcasts, music videos, etc.)
    - 12/24 hour clock preference saved to memory
    - Option to always override auto-lock setting so screen stays on (turn on in settings)
    - Fixed issue with podcasts not being properly recognized

    We hope you enjoy the latest update and as always we definitely appreciate your feedback!

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