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Thread: iPhone 3.0 white/blank and mixed up app icons

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    I have found that RESTORING the iPhone in iTunes has fixed this problem. I did this a few days ago and everything seems fine now. Hope this helps.

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    Alright, I've had this same problem ever since I got my 3GS and restored it from my backup.

    I jailbroke my phone yesterday using purplera1n, and installed SBSettings today. I resprung with SBSEttings, and all of my f'ed up icons are fixed!

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    Here's your screenshot. Also, my ToDo app has been "taken over" by the PocketUniverse icon (which is on another page of the apps.

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    Default Same mixed up problem
    I'm also having this problem, it started less than a week after I purchased my new iPhone 3GS from the Apple store. My iPhone is not jailbroken nor have I ever owned a jailbroken phone or even had a jailbroken phone close to my computer. Some icons turn gray, some are all together the wrong icon, some are darker. For the most part they start to change slowly starting with the icons on the last page progressing a little at a time over hours or days untill progressing to the next page. I have had no luck or lasting results with resetting, restoring, rebooting etc... I'm going to the Apple store this weekend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toothfairy View Post
    I'm also having this problem,I'm going to the Apple store this weekend.
    I think that's is what you need to do for sure.

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    I, like so many others, thought this issue was unique to my phone. It was out of frustration that I started looking and found this site with posts from more than a few people sharing my problem. Only thing is, there seems to be some realy good descriptions of our common problem and a few good, logical guesses as to what it may or may not be but no real info or follow up from someone who has taken the question to Apple. After my trip to the Apple store this weekend I will make it a point to pass on anything I learn (from Apple themselves) about our common problem as quickly as possible.

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    I think the problem is in the new version of iPhone. As you have see most of people are having almost the same problem and the are unable to solve the problem completely. So need to meet the apple center soon.
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    Default really easy to fix this
    ok find a app store app that you dont mind deleting ie one that you wont lose too much stored info and is preferably free. Delete it . Open the app store and start to redownload it. When it has started tap on the icon to pause the download.
    shut down the iphone using the slider not a hard reboot.Restart the iphone . Tap on the icon to finish download and all your icons will be back to normal. Simple

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