The App Store is a place of 35000+ apps and games, this means its a big place for some nice games to get lost in. To make some people’s lives easier in selecting games, I have chosen the top 5 shooting games in the App Store that you may like. Here they are:

5. Shooter
Price: $0.99 Size: 80.4 MB Released: February 18th, 2009

If your a sniper If you love games involving sniping, then this is for you! Based on the movie Shooter by Paramount Digital Entertainment from 2 years ago, this game centers at using sniper rifles and killing enemies from long range. This is a “the game of the movie” game and follows the movie very similarly. It consists of 6 missions and 5 submissions and for each mission, you choose a rifle before each mission and are camouflaged and then the action begins. This game is based on the the accelerometer of the iPhone/iPod Touch, which means patience and accuracy is crutial and takes some work to perfect (just like a real sniper). It gets harder, enemy soldiers will begin to move around later on.

4. Terminator Salvation
Price: $5.99 Size: 124 MB Released: May 1st, 2009

Also a game based on the upcoming Terminator movie produced by Gameloft. This game had much anticipation ever since it was announced, the graphics and gameplay managed to live up to its hype as the visuals are very impressive and controls are easy to get used to. The engine used in the game is the same as the one used to create Brothers in Arms, which had a huge success. The controls have been improved from that game this is more easier to work with, as forementioned. You play as John Connor and another person with you will assist you throughout. You progress through as the Terminator, shooting robots trying to take over. You have a touch flow based control where you move the virtual joystick to control Connor and swipe your finger on the scene to aim, the crosshair is slightly offset so you can see where you are aiming. A must try for Terminator stans.

3. 7 Days Apocalypse
Price: $1.99 Size: 7.5 MB Released: May 3rd, 2009

The apocalypse is coming in 7 days! Humans are being infected with the S-virus and are becoming cannables! Only Dr. Kayla Cupper can save humanity but you gotta help her as she needs time to prepare the cure. Fight off nasty zombies wanting grab you and eat at you, especially when you are a girl, with guns, plasmas and chainsaws. The virtual joystick allows you to move around while the shooter pad allows you to shoot at any direction easily. Play through History mode and Survival mode and anhiliate the zombies. This gameplay is similar to the iDracula game from Chillingo, but the 3D graphics is stunning especially with the small file size. StormBASIC S.L. has really done well with this.