Best in Class Apps for several Functions : Recommendations & Reviews?

Here, I wouldnt mind more than one app for each Category / Class of App - Notes & To Dos could be 2 different apps etc.

- Notes, - To Dos, - Organizer :
Apps that are fast, support hierarchical (categories) items, BONUS: If it synchs on desktop with Outlook

- Workout Guide(s), - Workout Logging :
I like the Yoga & 100 Pushups & Pullups increase & Other iPump Workout Guides so I'll probably install a bunch of them JUST to have access anytime, I'd like a good Workout Logger that has exercises as well as room for Custom Ones (My strong workout interests are in BODYWEIGHT & FUNCTIONAL training - Avoid / Minimize Gym - and ofcourse Burn Fat)
- Nutrition Logger :
Some way to log my food intake and calculate nutrition.
Not High Priority but a nice one would help. (I am vegetarian so I wonder what would help)


I've got this Excel File outlining Body Weight Workouts. I want to be able to log - Times & Reps on it as I progress through the exercises.

Excel comes in Handy for logging and watching stuff. Hands-On Feel, Usage and Zoom in & Out that are smooth would help.

- Music Player :
Fast & Low Memory / CPU, Easy Sync / Upload of Music, Artist / Cover Information (Optional but nice to have), A Player that wont die on Memory Usage if I have SMSes coming in and going out ... maybe even on iRealSMS .... or if I open up a WORKOUT APP (Logging or something) while working out.

Which player is the Best? Is there a PRIMARY player you use for most of your playing (mp3) and SECONDARY you use for certain times & formats (e.g. FLAC etc.)

- Video / Movie Player: Similar questions as above.

- Do you prefer synching Music via iTunes or Directly uploading files via WiFi & FTP/ S-FTP or USB connection? I'd like to hear what practically works well for you.
- Do you have to end of using iPod (instead of other players) to play PodCasts? PodCasts more convenient via iTunes or some other way?